6. Black Accomplishments


Why is it that the accomplishments of Black people are not as widely known as the accomplishments of White people?

Afrocentric scholar, Chancellor Williams, wrote the widely acclaimed book, The Destruction of Black Civilizations: Great Issues of a Race from 4500 BC to 2000 AD. In this book, Williams shares his opinions in the form of 7 tactics that are worth considering:

1. Ignore or refuse to publish any facts of African history that would not support their racial theories.

2. Create a religious and "scientific" doctrine to ease the White conscience for oppressing and enslaving African people.

3. Flood the world with hastily thrown together African "histories" that contain European perspectives only.

4. Start renaming people and places. Replace African names of persons, places, and things with Arabic and European names. This will disguise their true Black identity.

5. Change the criteria for defining race. For example, one drop of Negro blood in America makes you a Negro, no matter how light your skin. When reporting ancient history, reverse the standard. Make one drop of White blood render someone a Caucasian no matter how dark the skin.

6. When Black participation in civilization is so obvious your best schemes cannot hide it, find a way to attribute the success to outside White influence.

7. When all the ancient historians contradict your theory, seek to discredit them.



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